How To Wash Your Heating Pad

It's very important to understand how to wash your heating pad.

Otherwise, you could end up ruining the heating pad you have.

Then you have to go out and buy a new one.

Washing your heating pad depends on what type of heating pad you have.  For most heating pads, you have to do a spot clean or you will ruin the heating pad.  With a lava bad heating pad, you can quickly and easily switch out the cover and wash the whole bad when needed.

Read on to find more about these heating pads and how they are best washed.

Magic bag

First is the magic bag.

The magic bag is filled with organic grains, which allows for both heat and cold compresses when they are most needed for your body.

This allows them to go back and forth between hot and cold as you need them.

And in some cases you need both.

But because the magic bag is filled with grain, this makes it hard to wash it as you need.

Looking at their website, you are specifically told that you should not fully immerse the bag in water.

This means that if your bag gets wet, then you need to throw it out and get another one.

Otherwise, you'll end up having rotten grain in your heating pad and that will start to smell around the house.

So, if your magic bag gets dirty, then your best bet is to do some spot cleaning on the bag.

You can also purchase multiple covers for the bag, which allows you to take the bag out of the cover if the cover gets dirty.

Then you can put a new cover on the heating bag and wash the dirty one.

Bed buddy

The bed buddy is a good option for wraps when you have a specific place that you want to concentrate the heat or cold on your body.

They typically come in shapes that are best suited to wrap about your neck, head, shoulders or feet.

This would be good for athletes because those are the areas that most seem to get injured or need to be treated after a long day of training.

The bed buddy is also filled with grains, herbs, and flowers, so they can give you different scents that you might want to experience while treating those aches and pains on your body.

But this means they are much like magic bag.

You should only spot clean the bed buddy, as you cannot immerse the whole bag in water.

This will dilute the smell of the herbs and flowers, but also will ruin the grain.

You might end up having to throw away the bag if all of it gets wet.

From what I can tell, there is no interchangeable cover that you can put on the bag while you are cleaning the other bag.

This means that you either need to spot clean and then dry it off (not sure I would use your dryer to dry it off) or you need to purchase a second bed buddy so you can wait for the first to dry while using the second heating pad.


Warmies are another great option that comes in all weights and sizes.

They also come in stuffed animals, so if your little kids need something for aching muscles, they can snuggle up to a warmie stuffed animal.

Weighted items have also been found to be very soothing to people when they need comfort.

This is like the person is getting a nice warm hug.

So a stuff animal that is weighted and can be heated up would be perfect for kids who need a little bit of heated comfort.

Warmies are also made with specially treated flaxseed.

The flaxseed has been treated and dried in a way that should help preserve them for long term use as a heating pad.

But this also means that you cannot wash your warmie.

And since they come in all shapes and sizes, that can mean you run into some issues if they need to be cleaned.

For example, if your child's stuffed animal warmie gets all dirty because they accidentally dropped some shake on the stuffed animal, you cannot throw the stuffed animal into the washing machine.

You will end up having to wash the whole stuffed animal by hand.

The heating pad specific warmies don't come with additional covers as well, so you will have to spot clean the heating pad warmies if they end up getting dirty.

This could mean quite a bit of work for you if they end up needing a good wash.

Whatever you do, don't completely submerge the warmie in water or you'll need to purchase an additional warmie.


Huggaroo is another great option for a heating pad.

The different heating pads are specifically designed for different areas of your body.

For example, they have heating pads that are designed to go around your head, neck, shoulders, and waist.

This makes it nice if there are areas of your body that you struggle with aches and pains and need those specific areas targeted for heat.

The heat only remains for about 10 to 15 minutes, so they don't last as long as other heating pads.

But if you are using them for specific areas, that might be beneficial, since they are created for those specific areas.

The material the heating pads are made out of is very soft as well.

So you can expect some comfort from the heating pad while you are applying the heat.

The inside of the heating pads are filled with clay beads, flax seeds, lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and lemongrass.

This means that is going to leave a good scent in the air while you are applying the heat.

But this also means that just like the other heating pads we've covered so far, you will only able to spot clean the huggaroo's.

Definitely don't submerge the huggaroo completely in water.

Otherwise, you will end up ruining the flaxseed on the inside, which will make it difficult for the heating pad to up to warmth in the future.

They don't come with extra covers, as well, so this means you are out of luck if you need to spot clean it for something.

Or purchase a second one.


CloudComfort is another highly rated heating pad.

It has a nice shape and it is long enough that it can fit most, if not all, parts of your body within it.

This means that you can cover those aches and pains in your body that most need it.

They use clay beads in the heating pad, which means it can be used for both hot and cold treatment, depending on what your needs are.

Plus when you purchase a heating pad, it sometimes comes with two, so you have a backup in case the first heating pad is out of commission for some reason.

The downside is that they are using clay beads in the heating pad.

This means that you cannot get the heating pad wet.

If the heating pad gets too wet, then this could melt the clay beads, this meaning that the heating pad would be of no use to you anymore.

So you'll need to spot clean the heating pad if anything happens to it.

But be careful how much water you apply when heating it.

Because just a little too much heat could ruin the heating pad.

Lava bag

There are so many good things about a lava bag.

The biggest one of those being that they are filled with lava sand.

This means that they are pretty durable and can withstand many of the day to day things that happen to heating pads.

And they aren't filled with food, which will eventually go bad inside of a heating pad.

Everyone knows at least one person that has had to purchase a heating pad multiple times because the food inside of their bag eventually went bad.

But lava bags don't have those same problems.

First, when you purchase a lava bag, you actually can put the heating pad into a heating pad cover.

This means that if your heating pad cover gets all dirty and gross, you simply take the cover off and then wash as necessary.

This also means that you can wash the bad that is holding the lava sand as well.

You can either hand wash it with soap and water or you can throw it into the dishwasher and let the dishwasher do its magic.

I wouldn't recommend throwing it into the washing machine.

The weight of the sand, plus getting wet in the washing machine is going to create additional volume that you probably don't want in your washing machine.

Hence why the dirty washer is the recommend place to wash your bag.

Once your lava bag has done through the cycle, you are going to want to dry it out.

You can try to let it airdry, but it is going to take quite a bit of time for it to dry that way.

The best way we would recommend is to turn your oven on to 200 degrees.

Once your oven has warmed up, put your lava bag on a cooling rack (so the bag doesn't get dirty from the racks in the oven), and then place it in the oven for a few hours.

Take it out after a few hours and then you should be good to go again with your heating pad.


There are a lot of great options out there for heating pads.

But unfortunately, a lot of those options use food and grain for the heat.

All of us knows someone who has to replace a heating pad because it started to smell.

And that is the food burning from being overcooked.

Or if you have a heating pad with clay beads, those clay beads are going to melt if they get wet at all.

So if you want a heating pad where you don't have to worry about it getting wet, and you can clean it whenever you want, the lava bag heating pad is the way to go.