How long should I heat my Lavabag in the microwave?

 We recommend a minimal heating time of 90 seconds in your microwave. Put a cup of water in the microwave to ensure the best results. Every microwave and personal preference are different, for this reason, and for your safety, you must start with the lowest recommended heating time. If the additional heating time is desired, increase the time by 30-second increments only. For reheating, if your Lavabag is warmer than room temperature, use caution as less heating time will be required. For your safety, Do Not Overheat your Lavabag. The maximum heating time should never exceed 4 minutes. 

How long should I put it in the freezer?

 It is best to have a Lavabag in your freezer at all times in case you need it. Place your Lavabag in a sealed bag in the freezer for four hours. A cold Lavabag is great for recent injuries and surgeries to decrease inflammation. It also feels great at room temperature when you have a migraine.

What are the sizes and weights of the Lavabags offered?

The Lavabag Original: Size: 7" x 11”,  Weight: 3.5 lbs

The Lavabag Full Back: Size: 20" x 13",  Weight: 6 lbs

The Lavabag Wrap: Size: 23"x 6",  Weight: 4 lbs

Do Lavabags come with a cover?

No, that is an extra addon. 

Is lava sand flammable?

No, the sand will never burn. Fabric can burn but the sand never will.

I don’t have a microwave. Is there another safe way to heat the lava bags? 

Yes, there are several other ways to heat Lavabags. . You can heat your Lavabag in the oven, an air fryer or an instant pot. 

Here are directions for each of those methods. 

You can put the Lavabag on a cookie sheet and heat it in an oven that has been preheated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. 

You can also heat it in an air fryer. Place your Lavabag in the air fryer and set the time to 10 minutes and the temperature to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Flip the Lavabag halfway through. This will allow you to get a nice even heating of the Lavabag. Be Careful as the bag will be hot, so use tongs or oven mitts to turn it over. 

You can also heat up your Lavabag in a pressure cooker or instant pot. Put a cup of water in the bottom of the instant pot. Then you put the stand in the instant pot that will raise the Lavabag above the water. After that, place your Lavabag on top of the stand. Then set your instant pot to pressure cooker for 5 minutes.  After the 5 minutes are up, release the pressure and take out your Lavabag (use tongs or oven mitts to take it out). 

How do I clean my Lavabag?

Lava bags can be washed in the dishwasher on the top rack and dried in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for a few hours.

Also, the outside cover can be washed in a washing machine after being taken off of the Lavabag. 

How can I get moist heat using my Lavabag?

The best way is to heat the Lavabag in an air fryer or oven and then put a warm wet towel between the skin and the Lavabag.

Do you have replacement bags?

Yes, we offer replacement bags. 

What fabric should I use for a DIY lava bag?

We recommend using a cotton twill fabric. Denim or some types of canvas work as well. The fabric needs to have a very tight weave because the lava sand is very fine.

Can Lavasand be used as a potting mix for plants?

Yes, and unwashed lava sand can be purchased at a discount. 

Where does the lava sand come from?

We have a lava sand mine in Utah

Are Lavababies really machine washable?

Yes! You can put the whole Lavababy in the washing machine. Or, you can remove the bag of lava sand by opening the velcro in the back. Then wash the item in a washing machine without the lava sand. Dry in the dryer and put the lava sand back into the item.