Collection: Lavayoo Lava Sand

Lavayoo Lava Sand has been screened, washed, and sanitized, making it ready for use.

This sand is perfect for DIY Heating Pads, DIY Ice Packs, Aquariums, Crafts, Plants, and much more. Discover over 50 ideas for using Lava Sand.

Why Is Lava Sand So Rare?

Lava sand forms only when hot lava and water collide. The sudden contrast between the cold water and the molten lava causes the lava to explode instantly, forming tiny round particles of lava sand.

This unique sand, like Lavayoo lava sand, is typically found on beaches near recently active volcanoes. You may have heard of the famous black sand beaches of Hawaii and Iceland.

Rest assured, Lavayoo Lava Sand is not sourced from either of those locations, but it is genuine lava sand.

What Sets Lavayoo Lava Sand Apart?

Lavayoo lava sand is truly the only authentic lava sand available for purchase online.

All other so-called lava sand products are actually crushed scoria, a pumice-like lava rock used in landscaping.

Unlike scoria, Lavayoo lava sand can retain heat, making it ideal for use in heating and cooling pads.

Scoria lava sand is produced when a volcano cools, and the frothy top of the volcano mound solidifies into a light, pumice-like stone called Scoria. This scoria is later crushed and sorted into smaller particles.

While larger pieces are used in landscaping and construction, the smallest particles are marketed and sold as lava sand. However, this scoria lava sand has no heat-retaining ability and performs worse than regular sand.

6 Uses of Lavayoo Lava Sand:

DIY HEATING PADS - Lavayoo lava sand is used in all our heating and cooling products. It retains heat longer than food-filled heating pads, providing dry, radiant, and odorless heat.

DIY ICE PACKS - Lavayoo lava sand ice packs are incredibly comfortable, molding to your body. The lava sand releases cold slowly, providing a soothing experience.

AQUARIUMS - Most black sands for aquariums are artificially colored. Lavayoo lava sand, however, is completely natural, giving your aquarium a natural, beach-like feel.

CRAFTS - Lavayoo lava sand is perfect for resin projects, such as beach or river tables, as well as for inlays, jar sand candles, and more.

COSMETICS - Lavayoo lava sand is excellent for homemade exfoliating soaps and body scrubs. Its round grains are gentle on the skin, unlike jagged edges found in other sands.

INDOOR PLANTS & GARDENS - Rich in iron, magnesium, and other elements, Lavayoo lava sand provides a wide array of nutrients for plants. It can be mixed into the soil or used as a top dressing to retain moisture and enhance the appearance of indoor plants.

Lavayoo Lava Sand, or black sand, is sourced from an ancient black lava sand beach from a dried-up prehistoric lake. It is NOT sourced from Hawaii or Iceland.

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