About Us


Hi! My name is Steve.  I love building things and solving problems!  I have 7 sisters and a sweet wife that have pain once a month when it’s their time of the month.

I wondered how I could help them?

My wife was a 2nd Grade Teacher and every month she had to take a day off because of painful menstrual cramps.

She had been using smelly rice bags her entire life!

That’s when I got a crazy idea to make these bags with lava sand instead of rice.

Lava sand doesn't rot like food.  It’s even washable!  It’s the only heating pad you will ever need!

Many people have pain and inflammation whether it be their neck, back, hips, or knees.  A LavaBag is a natural and self-reliant way to help oneself without drugs! 

My wife and sisters love their LavaBag for the relief of contractions during labor.

(The LavaBag Wrap is their favorite under their tummy or across their back for a natural birth experience. Heat works wonders!)

I have always wanted to build a business and make a difference that can help others. 

Now my dream has come true!  Watch this minute and a half video to see how a LavaBag is made by our Cooper family in the U.S.A. 

I think people that are drawn to LavaBags are givers.

Givers need time to rest and refuel.  Your LavaBag should remind you that you are a giver and you need time for self-care so you can keep on going!

I hope you will enjoy the radiant heat and cooling from your own Lavabag.

You can follow our journey on our Family Youtube Channel: The Cooper Scoop

Your friends, 
Steve & Cherise Cooper
LavaBags HQ