Where Can I Buy A Microwaveable Heating Pad

Where Can I Buy A Microwavable Heating Pad

If you want to buy a good quality microwavable heating pad but don’t know where to look, then this article is for you.

Microwavable heating pads are great muscle pain relief tools used for cramping, such as menstrual cramps, arthritis cramps, stiffness and more.

Although there are many tutorials on how to make your own microwavable heating pad, many people find it easier to buy one.

Microwavable heating pads can be found in all sorts of places from craft fairs to some major retail stores.

When looking to purchase a microwavable heating pad, online merchants are usually the way to go.

However, with so many options that pop up in a search result, how do you know which ones are the best?

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Things to Look For In a Microwavable Heating Pad

While perusing through the various search results for microwavable heating pads, there’s more to take into consideration than a four or five star rating.

  • What is the microwavable heating pad made of?
  • How washable is the surface or covering of the heating pad?
  • Have there been instances of product malfunction?
  • Does the product weigh enough to give pressure as well as heat?
  • Does the site or store list how long the heating pad can maintain a usable heat?
  • What is the Microwavable Heating Pad Made Of?

    No matter where you decide to purchase your microwavable heating pad it is important to determine what contents are used to fill the heating pad.

    Many heating pads, especially those sold at craft shows, Etsy, and other homemade platforms usually stuff their heating pads with dry pantry based items.

    Although materials such as rice, certain types of corn, flax, and others do work to reach a usable temperature, many may begin to rot or burn after a certain period of time.

    When this happens, the microwavable heating pad will need to be tossed into the trash.

    Heating pads with nonperishable fillers such as lava sand offered by LavaHQ is the preferable filler because it will never rot or burn.

    How Washable is the Surface or Covering of the Heating Pad?

    Any tool that is used for medical purposes is bound to get dirty at some point.

    That is why it is important to make sure that the microwavable heating pad you choose either has a washable surface or covering that can be thrown into the washing machine.

    Since many heating pads are filled with perishable food items, many cannot be simply tossed into the washing machine and come out ready to use.

    If any foodstuffs gets wet or soaked, then the rate of rot and spoiling increases.

    To combat this, heating pad producers often create coverings that can cover the main bag that contains the microwavable filler so that cleaning the surface isn’t an issue.

    Many microwavable heating pads can be spot cleaned, but extra care needs to be taken not to let the moisture penetrate into the filling.

    If a heating pad does not have a washable surface or covering, the item may need to be discarded if sufficiently soiled.

    Have There Been Any Instances of Product Malfunction?

    One of the greatest concerns of customers looking to purchase a microwavable heating pad is the risk of the product catching fire in the microwave.

    Although instances of microwavable heating pads combusting inside of a microwave is rare, especially when the customer follows manufacturers instructions, it is still a good idea to do a quick search to make sure that the item hasn’t been recalled due to potential hazards.

    By typing in the product you are considering buying and the term ‘recall’ you will be able to find all relevant articles regarding the safety of your product.

    Does the Product Weigh Enough to Give Pressure as well as Heat?

    One of the great features of a microwavable heating pad is the added pressure that some microwavable heating pads offer.

    Using the same concept as a weighted blanket, microwavable heating pads can offer the same soothing properties, as well as the added pressure from the weight that helps relax muscles even more.

    When selecting a microwavable heating pad from a retailer, look to see if the extra weight is mentioned in the description, or look to see how much the heating pad weighs under the product description.

    Does the Site or Store List How Long the Heating Pad Can Maintain Usable Heat?

    Different heating pad fillers have different heat retention.

    This is important to an individual who is suffering from major cramping and is unable to get up to reheat their heating pads several times until the cramping abates.

    When reviewing the descriptions of the product, look for terms such as “long lasting”, “sustained heat”, “comfortable heat”, etc.

    From our testing, lava sand, rice, wheat berries, corn (not poppable), and other large grained fillers proved to retain heat longer than smaller grained fillers.

    Top 4 Places to Get Microwavable Heating Pads

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    Now that we went over what you should look for when buying a microwavable heating pad, here are our top 10 picks for places to find microwavable heating pads.

    1. LavaHQ

    You may be surprised that some of the more popular microwavable heating pad sites are not listed.

    That is because most so-called ‘natural’ products are made from perishable rice and/or flax seed.

    No matter the scents or essential oils added to a product to make it smell better, rot and burning still occur if the filler is made from a food-based material, which is why we did not include them on the list.

    Number One Place To Buy a Microwavable Heating Pad is LavaHQ

    LavaHQ is the best place to buy a microwavable heating pad.

    That is because LavaHQ uses a unique filler for their microwavable heating pads that no other company online uses.

    Lava sand.

    Lava sand is a superior heating pad filler, not only because it is nonperishable, but because it maintains a comfortable heat longer and more efficiently than its competition.

    Another great thing about the LavaHQ heating pad is that the fabric used to make it is natural and highly heat resistant.

    Covers are also available on the website, helping to keep your Lavabag clean and usable for years to come.

    If the fabric of the Lavabag begins to wear down too much or tear, the sand can be reused in a new Lavabag.

    That makes Lavabags the best option when it comes to function and durability.

    Number Two Place to Buy a Microwavable Heating Pad is

    We all know of the online behemoth retailer Amazon and it’s access to sellers and retailers across the globe.

    Because of its far reach and diverse sellers, Amazon is our number two pick for places to buy microwavable heating pads online.

    There are several sellers on Amazon that offer microwavable heating pads made from medical grade materials.

    When you go online, look for microwavable heating pads that are made with nonperishable items, such as clay beads.

    Although inferior to lava sand, clay beads will not rot which will help them to outlast their foodstuff based counterparts.

    Be sure to read reviews to make sure that the microwavable heating pad that you are looking at will hold up and be effective in treating your muscle related pain.

    Number Three Place to Buy a Microwavable Heating Pad is

    Although it doesn’t offer the same variety as, has a few non-perishable microwavable heating pad options.

    The products found on are similar to those found on, with heating pads filled with clay beads instead of rice or other grains.

    Once again, be careful to look at the reviews of the product and check to see if any of the items have been recalled or have had product malfunctions.

    Number Four Place to Buy a Microwavable Heating Pad is is a marketplace full of products made from home based businesses and other small companies.

    Because it deals with a lot of hand crafted items, there are tons of options when it comes to looking for a usable microwavable heating pad.

    Unfortunately, most of these options include rice, flax seed, and other pantry staples.

    There are many listings for microwavable heating pads boasting soothing scents, cute designs, cuddly appearance, etc.

    While these heating pads may work for a while, the buyer will have to be on the lookout for when the filling materials begin to rot or burn.

    One of the nice aspects of microwavable heating pads on Etsy is the availability of different covers.

    Buying the Best Microwavable Heating Pad

    As you can see, there are tons of different microwavable heating pads on the market.

    However, when you take away the cute materials, shapes, or scents, what makes a good heating pad is what it is made of.

    Although pantry-based items such as rice socks, bean packs, and other forms of foodstuff heating pads can be heated safely in a microwave and offer the comforting warmth they are known for, they will eventually need to be thrown away.

    However, do you really want to spend your money on something that wasn’t made to last?

    Choosing a microwavable heating pad that is made with a non perishable filler will guarantee a better quality product.

    When it comes to non perishable heat pad fillers, nothing can  compare with lava sand.

    So depending on your situation and budget, choose a microwavable heating pad that will best serve your pain relief needs.